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Hi I'm Danielle! I'm 27 and I'm a wedding photographer (Danielle Poff Photography) and style blogger. I'm married to my high school sweetheart Adam, and we live in Livermore, CA with our mini goldendoodle Sawyer. We used to live in San Luis Obispo for 5 years (we went to Cal Poly), and consider it our second home. I've always loved fashion and previously wanted to be a fashion photographer, but didn't want to live in LA. Instead, I photograph beautiful, stylish weddings where I actually have a lot of creative freedom. Growing up, I would draw catalogue after catalogue of clothes, make interior design boards for restaurants, and glue together polly pocket pieces as if I was an architect making a model. I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit, creative eye, and the drive to be my own boss. 

I really enjoy the challenge of putting together an outfit on a budget and showing others that being stylish can be both comfortable and easy. My outfits are funky but wearable, I love mixing patterns and colors and accessories. I'm addicted to thrift store shopping and I love a good deal!! I get told often that people think of my style when they pick out their outfits and I jokingly get asked if I can be peoples personal shopper (which would be amazing!). I love fashion and loving helping others find their style! A big part of my blog is interior design and home projects at our house the #poffpad. We do a lot of the projects ourselves, as well as decorate our house thanks to good deals and our own personal taste. xoxo, Danielle 



Q: Where do you get your hair done? At House of Cabelo in downtown Pleasanton!! Erica, one of the owners, does my hair and she is amazing and we could just sit and chat for hours! Mention my name and get $20 off your first service. 

Q: Where did you go to college? Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo! It's one of my favorite cities and we go back often for vacation and work :) If you're looking for a good vacation spot, check it out!

Q: Where did you and your husband meet? We met sophomore year of high school through mutual friends and then started dating middle of our senior year. We both moved down to SLO together, went to Cal Poly, and are now back living in the Bay Area.

Q: Did you get your goldendoodle Sawyer from a breeder? No, we actually found him on Craigslist in Orange County. We got in 5 years ago while still living in SLO. He was 8 weeks old and 5 pounds, such a cutie!!

Q: Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? Plato's Closet, Poshmark, and thrift stores!!

Q: How did you get into thrifting? My mom has been taking me to garage sales with her since I was a baby, so my love for finding a good deal started young.

Q: What's your go to outfit? A graphic tee and high waisted jeans or high waisted jean shorts, depending on the weather!



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